The Student Christian Association (SCA)

Who Are We?

An inter-denominational club for students and faculty at Hudson Valley Community College.   Through readings, discussions, and local outreach, this club is dedicated to deepening the knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith of those who attend.

Who Can Join?

If you’re a Hudson Valley student who’s already a Christian—or you have some sincere questions about Christianity and an open mind—feel free to scope us out.  We emphasize the most basic and major Christian beliefs.   You can read about those in our  statement of faith.

When Do We Meet?

During Fall and Spring semesters, the SCA meets every Monday from 2-4 pm in Brahan Hall Building, Room 107.http://HVCC Campus Map – Brahan Hall

Do You Need More Information?

For more info on the club and our activities, you can contact:
Faculty Club Advisor, Jeff Schoonmaker, in Brahan Hall room 127
Call (518) 629-7139 or email j.schoonmaker@hvcc.edu

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