2015 Faculty/Staff Award Recipients

2015 Winner Pic

Mariadelourdes Benton

Assistant Professor, English, Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language Department

Pursuing a Doctorate
Nominated by Polly Karis:

“Malu is a valued and spirited assistant professor in the English, Foreign Language & ESL department. She is a respectable polyglot – teaching English, Italian, French and her native Spanish. Malu is dedicated to student support. For Faculty Workshop Day 2015 she designed and co-taught the Growth of ESL Students Workshop. Malu is currently working on her Ph.D. and is very deserving of a WE scholarship!”

Chandra L. Burkhart

Senior Computer Operator, Information Technology Services

Pursuing an Associate’s Degree
Nominated by Tara L. Farley-Wyckoff:

“I nominate Chandra Burkhart for the WE Scholarship; she is very deserving of this award. She has been with the college for 24 years and throughout this time she has consistently strived to increase her professional development. She recently decided to further her education with particular attention to Digital Media. Chandra is a dedicated employee, coworker, mother of two, a homemaker, a wife, an artist and friend. She is committed to her family and her career, while still finding time to further her own academic growth.”

Gayle A. Healy

Director of the Center for Careers and Employment

Pursuing a Doctorate
Nominated by Susan J. Smith:

“Thinking of an individual who is working hard to improve her academic credentials and has great potential to shine in the Center for Careers and Employment is easy! Gayle Healy has been employed and been a contributing member of our community at HVCC for over 6 years. She is extremely committed to assisting students to further their educational career goals and regularly goes above and beyond to help them, whether it is in individual appointments, teaching courses or serving as a club advisor. In addition, Gayle has a strong passion for furthering her own education for the betterment of her own professionalism and has begun taking classes and working toward her advanced degree with much dedication and success. She values education highly and encourages students and staff to reach their educational goals and is a role model who practices that philosophy. Gayle is active as the chairperson of the Student Life Committee, advisor of Phi Theta Kappa, Orientation Committee, serves on the board of the local chapter of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in addition to several other community based organizations.”

Matthew L. Lansing

Adjunct Instructor, Mortuary Science Department

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
Nominated by Lori Purcell:

“Matt is a part-time lab Instructor and an alumnus of the Mortuary Science department. He is a licensed funeral director and Assistant Fire Chief. In August he will finish his Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Canton. He is a dedicated professional in all aspects of his career. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and is certainly a team player. He is a dedicated instructor who is enthusiastic to bring his experience and knowledge as a licensed funeral director to enhance his teaching skills and provide firsthand expertise to the students. He tutors students in the department on his own time here at the college and is involved with the Mortuary Science Club. Matt has a passion for learning and teaching. He will continue his education toward a Master’s degree in the fall. Matt is concerned with the future of the students and the college and is willing to help whenever needed. His experience as an Instructor, funeral director and fire chief enhances his character and his dedication reflects in a positive way and supports his professional development across the board.”

Geoffrey N. Miller

Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Hudson Valley Community College Foundation

Pursuing a Master’s Degree
Nominated by Sue Agan:

I am nominating Geoff for this award because after working with him on the Staff Development Committee for the past few years I have realized what an extremely hard worker he is and his positive attitude towards work and life in general is contagious to the entire committee. Not only does he work full time here at the college as the Director of Development and Alumni Relations, but he is working diligently towards his master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership and Administration at the College of Saint Rose. Geoff said he is learning from experts in the higher education field to hone and craft his skills to be able to obtain a higher administrative position at a college or university down the road. And Geoff’s current position is giving him the hands-on training to become an effective leader in our community. I believe he is a prime example of the kind of person this scholarship is meant for.”

 Katie M. Pawloski

Instructor, Nursing Department

Pursuing a Doctorate
Nominated by Martha Desmond:

“I would like to nominate Katie Pawloski for the WE Scholarship Award. Kate has recently returned to school at Sage College to start her Doctorate of Nursing Science. Along with this new endeavor she has been able to balance her full time position at Hudson Valley Community College and her busy personal life. Kate has her Master’s degree in Nursing Informatics and has been a great resource and initiator in many of the new additions to the BEAPS (Bridging Education and Practice with Simulation) Course in the Nursing program. I have worked alongside Katie and know that she invests many hours organizing and re-evaluating the simulations and activities for the course. She also spends extra time assisting the students to be successful in the Nursing program by making herself available for questions and review of information.
I believe that Katie Pawloski is a dedicated educator and nurse. She wants to share her knowledge with students and has shown this by her compassion and strong work ethic. Her dedication to nursing education will assist her in completion of her doctorate degree. It has been a privilege to be a part of her journey.”

Roger R. Pinke

Instructional Technology Support Specialist, Viking Video Technologies

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree
Nominated by Tara L. Farley-Wyckoff:

“I nominate Roger Pinke for the WE Scholarship; he is very deserving of this award. He has been with the college for 17 years and throughout this time he has consistently strived to increase his professional development. As an Instructional Technology Support Specialist here at HVCC, Roger keeps busy working both days and evenings. He is not only dedicated to HVCC, but also to his twin daughters and the rest of his family. It’s impressive and sets an excellent example that Roger makes time to further his career and professional development by continuing with his education.”