2014 Faculty/Staff Award Recipients

2014 Winner Pic

Susan J. Agan Technical Assistant Educational Outreach and Academic Services/ High School Programs

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

Nominated by Chris Helwig, who wrote:

“Sue is a dedicated employee of Hudson Valley Community College and a valuable member of the Educational Outreach and Academic Services team. Over the years, I have seen her commitment to both her job responsibilities and her campus committee involvement. I also have had the opportunity to see her dedication beyond our campus community. Sue is a supportive and selfless individual who gives a great deal and asks nothing in return. I am very happy to see her working toward her goal of completing a bachelor’s degree and I would like to recommend the award of a WE @ HVCC Employee Scholarship to assist her in that endeavor.”

Gail L. Dailey Enrollment/Retention Services Technician

Instructional Support Services and Retention

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree

Nominated by Mary Kate Robinson, who wrote:

“Gail Dailey, who has been employed at the college for over 22 years, is taking courses in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree at SUNY Empire State College. She is a very caring and compassionate person, and gives much of her time to family, friends, co-workers and HVCC students. Although her job is very computer intensive and requires much concentration, she maintains an open door policy and is always ready to provide assistance to students in the Center for Academic Engagement. This semester she is taking an online course, Independent Learning Strategies, which she says is “very interesting and applies to student success including my own.” This course not only will apply toward her degree, but also is very relevant to her position in the Center for Academic Engagement.”

Martha A. Desmond Instructor, Nursing Department

Pursuing a Doctorate

Nominated by Norine Masella, who wrote:

“Marty has a passion for both teaching and learning, and has pursued her education well beyond the Master’s Degree required for her position. Since coming to HVCC full time, she became licensed as a nurse practitioner, and although she could be working full time in that capacity for a much higher salary, Marty remains here because of her desire to teach nursing students. She is currently working on a Doctoral Degree at The Sage Colleges, which will allow her to bring more to her students. As a colleague and office mate, I know that she never complains about the work load in her program, and quietly completes what is necessary. Marty is a warm and compassionate person, an excellent nurse and an advocate for students.”

Deborah C. Rusiecki Technical Assistant Teacher Preparation Department

Pursuing Professional Development

Nominated by Nancy T. Cupolo, who wrote:

“Debbie is my program assistant and an exemplary employee of the college. She has completed several courses in the three years that she has been at the college in graphic design and computer technology in order to improve her office skills and extend her personal knowledge base. This scholarship would allow her to continue to do so especially in the area of computer technology in our digital world.”

Linda K. Ryder Senior Instructional Designer Center for Distance and Online Learning

Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Nominated by Susan Gallagher, who wrote:

“Linda is enrolled in a Master’s program in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology and also working toward a Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching. This degree and certificate are directly related to her current job description. At the time she was hired, degrees specific to online learning did not exist but she was a pioneer who was highly motivated and self-taught. She has taken it upon herself to get a Master’s degree specific to the discipline in which she has real life expertise. She has diligently been working on this degree for nine years and only has two more courses to go!”

Susan J. Smith Secretary I Center for Careers and Employment

Pursuing a Certificate

Nominated by Mary Page, who wrote:

“Susan has been a dedicated employee of Hudson Valley for over 25 years. She always has been a hardworking and professional asset to this institution. Always striving to better herself, Susan took classes semester after semester and in 2002, she received her Associate’s degree in Individual Studies. She didn’t stop there, however, and now is working on a Bereavement Studies Certificate. I know Susan would put this scholarship to good use to continue her education.”

Laura L. Tubbs Instructor Dental Hygiene

Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Nominated by Jeffery V. McMinn RDH, MA, who wrote:

“While only a recent graduate from our dental hygiene department here at HVCC, Laura has been a welcome breath of fresh air to our department. Her insight as an instructor from the perspective of a recent graduate has allowed our department as a whole to grow. Laura has taken on several responsibilities within our department in addition to her clinical teaching responsibilities, making her a true asset to our department. Aside from teaching, Laura works at two dental practices and has a husband and two teenagers at home! It is Laura’s commitment to learning and excellence that has made me nominate her for this award. She strives to be the best, as well as bring out the best in her students.”