2011 Faculty/Staff Award Recipients

2011 Scholarship Recipients with President Drew Matonak

2011 Scholarship Recipients with President Drew Matonak


Clement W. Campana
Operations Assistant of Physical Plant
Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Labor and Policy
Studies at Empire State College

Nominated by Karen Seward

Clement Campana has been a part of the Hudson Valley Community College family for more than 40 years. He is congenial, representing the Physical Plant on campus with a friendly face. Clem has served his community as a CYO coach for over 30 years, positively affecting the lives of over 500 children. He was elected to the Troy City Council in 2006, and serves as its president. In 2009, Clem was honored by the Foundation with the Dr. Frank J. Morgan Jr. Humanitarian Service Award. Clem is currently pursuing his degree through independent study and has to make time in his schedule to complete his coursework and meet with his faculty advisors.


Shawnna M. Case
Counselor, Center for Counseling and Transfer
Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Educational
Administration and Policy at the University at Albany

Nominated by Kelly Sweener and Erin Manning

Shawnna has been employed at the college for 5 1/2 years and works tirelessly to make sure our students are well informed on the transfer process, helping them with the transfer application, and scholarships, as well as assisting in coordinating the Transfer Fair. In addition to her full-time position, Shawnna also works at the college part-time as an adjunct instructor, advisor in the business department and CLEP test proctor. She gives so much of herself to her work, and her dedication is to be commended. Shawnna’s decision to pursue further graduate study is motivated by her strong work ethic and commitment to personal and professional growth. She is the mother of a beautiful little girl, named Taylor .


Polly D. Karis
Senior Clerk, Marvin Library
Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies at Empire State College

Nominated by Sue Grayson

Polly has been diligently working towards a BA at Empire State College and hopes to graduate in Summer 2012. Polly has been taking 8 credits each semester, and 4 credits during the summer. Last semester, she earned a 4.0, getting 2 As in her 2 classes. She is taking most of her classes the traditional way, in a classroom situation. Polly really enjoyed her Residency last October, in her Food and Memory class. The class stayed at one of the Great Camps at Raquette Lake for a few days!


Lisa S. Paul
Technical Assistant for the School of Business and the School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies
Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Empire State College

Nominated by Sherri Wait

Lisa exemplifies one who is committed to education and shows academic potential. After graduating from HVCC, receiving her Associates Degree in Marketing, Lisa is now continuing her education as she works hard towards getting her Bachelor’s degree. It has not been easy for Lisa, as she works full-time, is married and a mom to two-year-old Summer. She will be there to help out her community whenever it is in need and is a pleasant person to work with. I commend Lisa for her efforts.


Kesa M. Shea
Coordinator of Financial Operations and Database Management, Hudson Valley Community College Foundation
Pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Hudson Valley Community College

Nominated by Ray Kimmelblatt and Mandy Brown

Kesa shows great initiative and is very dedicated to her work responsibilities and the mission of the Foundation. She stands at the ready to help in any way possible, can always be counted on, and goes above and beyond the call of duty by working from home when necessary. Kesa does all of this as a full-time working mother of two and a part-time student. I believe Kesa Shea exemplifies the spirit of WE@HVCC.


Jasmin J. Smith
Principal Account Clerk, Financial Aid Office
Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business at the Sage Colleges

Nominated by Ronni Jones, Barbara McBride, and Christopher Earnshaw

As a non-traditional student, Jasmin balances her full-time responsibilities in the Financial Aid Office with attending classes full time in the evening. Jasmin is always helpful with students who call or come by the office, demonstrating superior customer service skills. Frequently, we have many community events that require a member of our office to attend, and Jasmin eagerly volunteers for these events as her schedule permits. Jasmin also works diligently on all projects assigned to her, and shows enthusiasm for learning the different procedures within the office.