HVCC Contacts

The club meets every first and third Monday throughout the semester in

Brahan Hall, Room 213 at 2:00 p.m.


Ian Lachance, GI Benefits contact in Registrar’s Office i.lachance@hvcc.edu
Carrie Farley, Secretary of Dean of Liberal Arts c.farley@hvcc.edu
Alice Malavasic, Faculty Advisor a.malavasic@hvcc.edu
John Ostwald, Faculty Advisor j.ostwald@hvcc.edu
David Sarnacki, Admissions Technician d.sarnacki@hvcc.edu
Terry Munk, Tech Assistant, Biology, Chemistry and Physics t.munk@hvcc.edu
Judy Zamers, Math help in the Learning Assistance Center j.zamers@hvcc.edu
Jim Labate, English help in the Learning Assistance Center j.labate@hvcc.edu
Casey Lensink, Advisor in the Business Advisement Center c.lensink@hvcc.edu
Judy Romano, Department Chair for Dental Hygiene j.romano@hvcc.edu
Joseph Palko, Math help in Learning Assistance Center j.palko@hvcc.edu