Meeting Schedule

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Meeting Schedule
Spring 2019
Location BTC 305
3-4 p.m.
  1. First meeting January 28th – 2-3 p.m.
  2. February 11th speaker Berkshire Bird Sanctuary and wildlife
  3. February 25th
  4. March 11th speaker
  5. March 25th
  6. April 8th speaker
  7. April 29th
  8. Last meeting May 6th

Meeting summaries:

Meeting of January 28th:

We did elections. Our officers for Spring 2019 are:

President: Deanna Carr

Vice President: Miranda Trombly

Treasurer: John Drazba

We talked about doing a fundraiser that people can sponsor an animal at the humane society and also buy baked goods.

Field trip: We talked about going to a horse rescue or/and a wolf sanctuary.

Speakers: We decided on Berkshine Bird Sanctuary, Northern Country Wildlife, and Brian. All speakers are subject to change and are not set in stone. A person from BBS will be coming as a speaker on February 11th at 3-4pm.

Volunteering: We want to be more active in our communities. We talked about volunteering  to do river cleanup(s), with Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, and other places undecided.

We also talked about working with other clubs and supporting each other and doing events with other clubs as well as rebranding the club. We talked about open up our definition of the club and who the clubs helps as well as our name. We also talked about designs for a club t-shirt, as well as cleaning up our board in the campus center and putting more signs around campus as well as having our speakers in more public areas to draw more people in.