Payroll Deduction Now Available for WE@HVCC Donations

WE@HVCC is a philanthropic, community spirited organization initiated by the faculty and staff at Hudson Valley Community College to provide support and assistance to special campus needs and to encourage community spirit through social, philanthropic and educational programs and activities. 

Please consider WE@HVCC this year as you carefully decide how best to share your charitable contributions. Help us to focus our energy on enhancing the quality of life of those we serve. Anyone wishing to make a bi-weekly contribution to WE@HVCC can now do so easily! Simply contact the Foundation Office at (518) 629-8012 and request a payroll deduction form. Since there are no dues for belonging to our organization, please consider supporting the organization through payroll deduction.

If you already have funds deducted through Payroll Deduction, you may change your designation to WE@HVCC. Your donation will be greatly appreciated! For more information, contact the Foundation at (518) 629-8012.